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Fenimore Art Museum’s quarterly, New York History, is the only journal devoted entirely to the history of New York State.  New York History is a must read for those seeking an in-depth look at the events that shaped the history of the United States.
In 2012, Fenimore Art Museum (previously known as the New York State Historical Association) partnered with the State University of New York-College at Oneonta to reinvent New York History. This academic and intellectual partnership encourages a deeper study of New York’s vast history and will provide readers with an enhanced experience through editorship by professional historians, superior article submissions, and expanded sections in the journal. 
The editors are all faculty members at the State University of New York-College at Oneonta. F. Daniel Larkin has devoted nearly fifty years to researching, writing, and teaching about the history of New York State. He is widely known for his work on New York State canals and early railroads. Thomas Beal's area of study is the history of New York City, and he has a particular interest in race, crime, and urban economic development. Will Walker teaches in the Cooperstown Graduate Program, a highly regarded two-year master’s degree program in museum studies, and specializes in public history and museums. These historians cover the range of New York’s history from the colonial period to the present.
The Editorial Board includes Paula Baker, Stuart M. Blumin, Patricia U. Bonomi, Leslie E. Fishbein, Timothy J. Gilfoyle, Kenneth T. Jackson, Lisa Keller, Timothy J. Shannon, Robert W. Snyder, and Craig S. Wilder.


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